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Weight Loss Treatments To Shed Those Pounds

How Weight Loss Works

Weight loss simply results from burning more calories in one day than you eat in one day. But why is it so hard to lose weight? More than 3/4th of Americans are at least overweight, proving that weight loss is not that simple. Did you know that insulin, steroids, antidepressants, antihistamines (allergy medications), and some blood pressure medications can make you gain weight? Are you a patient that needs these medications but would rather not be overweight? Or are you one of those Americans that have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise, but the weight always comes back? Most overweight patients, at one time or another, have sought the golden ticket to a radical diet change. You may have heard of keto, intermittent fasting, carnivore diet, whole 30, and eat to 80, to name a few. Diets have been around for hundreds of years, so why are we still an overweight country?

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

This brings up the topic of medical weight loss. Medical weight loss utilizes medical science and medications to assist patients in losing weight. A reputable medical weight loss clinic includes diet plans, exercise plans, laboratory science, and medications to increase metabolism while decreasing the absorption of calories.

A large portion of a weight loss clinic is medical treatment. Those who have dieted and exercised in the past but still can not get rid of those pesky pounds are the ideal patient to be placed on a medical weight loss drug. There are currently 21 medical weight loss medications! Some of these medications also treat diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol—sort of like a two birds one stone approach.

Obesity, like every other common disease, is a victim of big pharma. Pharmacy companies understand how effective some medications are and have increased the price significantly. This action has resulted in an outcome where most people believe they cannot afford a medication to help manage their weight.

Meet Your Medical Weight Loss Provider

Family 1st HealthCare in Lenoir, NC, is now providing medical weight loss services! Owner Kelli Kelley DNP/FNP-C offers these services. Dr. Kelli Kelley is a Family Nurse Practitioner who provides primary care services. Dr. Kelley specializes in weight loss management and has mastered the ability to provide patients with medical weight loss treatment that everyone can afford.

Everyone can afford weight loss management. Yes, you read this correctly. Dr. Kelley has mastered the ability to provide patient-specific services. Family 1st HealthCare accepts most major insurances as well as uninsured patients. To sum it up, if you are a patient with insurance, Dr. Kelley works hard to choose a medication that your insurance will cover. We will bill your insurance for lab work and office visits. If you are an uninsured patient or a patient with poor prescription drug coverage, you can choose a weight loss management plan that best fits your budget. Our services are $200-$450 monthly and include office visits, 24-hour phone support, laboratory services, and your medication is included.

Medications prescribed by Family 1st HealthCare

  1. 7-keto-DHEA

  2. Acarbose

  3. Bupropion with naltrexone

  4. Evekeo

  5. Glycyrrhetinic acid/aminophylline

  6. Goal injections

  7. HCG

  8. Liraglutide

  9. Metformin

  10. MIC injection

  11. MOTS-C

  12. Phentermine

  13. Orlistat

  14. Oxytocin

  15. Vyvanse

  16. Semaglutide

How do I schedule my visit?

You can call the office number 828-239-9400 or visit to schedule your visit anytime.

What should I expect during my first visit medical weight loss visit?

Your initial visit will start with office staff that is excited to see you! Family 1st HealthCare has worked hard to develop an inviting and unbiased healing space for our patients. We will assess your vitals, including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, height, and weight check. You will then be placed in a confidential room where your medical history will be discussed. This is imperative in the decision-making of what your weight loss management options are. This discussion will also prompt Dr. Kelley on what laboratory services to perform. All weight loss management patients will receive a CBC, CMP, thyroid panels, Lipids, A1C, and a fasting insulin level. Other additional tests may need to be performed EKG, body fat measurements, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, IGF-1, CRP-high sensitivity, and prolactin levels. A medication will be prescribed if indicated by the tests. We would then meet at least monthly to talk about self-monitoring, exercise, maintaining a caloric deficit, lifestyle and behavior changes, and eventually sustainability. The goal of weight loss management at Family 1st HealthCare is to remove the weight AND KEEP IT OFF!

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