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-BCBS Commercial

-BCBS Medicare

-BCBS Healthy Blue

-Carolina Complete





-NC Medicaid


-UHC Commercial

-UHC Medicare

-UHC Medicaid

-WellCare Commercial

-WellCare Medicare

-WellCare Medicaid




All Your Health Care Questions

How do we contact the family nurse practitioner after hours?

Our family nurse practitioners are available after hours 24/7. To contact us, please use our normal business phone number of 828-239-9400.


What is the difference between family practice and general practice?

Family practice and general practice are two terms that are usually used interchangeably. Oftentimes, the term general practice explains that they do not include pediatrics or geriatric patients. Family 1st HealthCare uses the term family practice as our family nurse practitioners provide primary care to those of all ages. 

What laboratory tests is your family practice able to provide?

Family 1st HealthCare Associates provides laboratory tests for the following:

Point of care labs- Pregnancy, strep, Flu, Covid-19, Urine Analysis

Results in usually one day-

Kidney function, liver function, chemistry, CBC, diabetic testing including A1C, thyroid function tests, hormone testing, pap smears, std screenings, prostate antigen, vitamin deficiencies, cholesterol, good intolerances, celiac disease. We provide over 17,000 laboratory tests with a certified technician. 

What is a family practice?

A family practice focuses on treating each person in the family to improve family functionality. 

What are the benefits of a family nurse practitioner over a physician?

Family nurse practitioners have a unique approach to medicine. FNPs receive their undergraduate degrees in nursing before going to graduate school. This provides these health care providers the ability to understand patient care first and foremost. This real-world interaction instills compassion and a desire to serve patients as a respected partnership. Family nurse practitioners complete years of training in graduate studies and are able to provide the same quality care as a physician. 

What illnesses are defined as primary care?

Common illnesses treated in primary care included obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, low libido, family planning, high cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, low testosterone, anemia, acne, skin infections, skin conditions, urinary frequency, constipation, and diarrhea. 

Does your family practice schedule at-home doctor visits?

Family 1st HealthCare Associates does schedule at-home doctor visits. 


What area does your family practice provide at-home doctor visits?

Our family practice provides at-home doctor visits in Lenoir on a limited basis.


What is the difference between primary care and family?

Family care provides primary care to those of all ages.


Why is a family practice important?

Family practice is important as an illness is something that everyone eventually deals with. Having an established family primary care provider ensures prompt and personalized care. It is also important to have a family provider you trust to answer your healthcare questions, especially during times of the pandemic when we are overwhelmed with ever-changing information. 


What is the role of a family medicine doctor?

A family medical doctor resumes responsibility for your overall well-being. Oftentimes, family medicine doctors are your only doctor. For some, family medical doctors collaborate with specialists to provide the leader of a team approach. 

How do I pay my family's primary care bill?

Family 1st HealthCare Associates collects co-pays at the beginning of your visit if you have insurance that has a co-pay. Those with a deductible plan that is not met will pay in full at the time of their visit and this amount will go towards your deductible. Patients are responsible for what their insurance does not cover. Accepted payments include cash, check, credit, debit, or HSA cards. 

What is telemedicine, and how does it work?

Telemedicine is a quick and easy way to conversate with your healthcare professional. You simply schedule a telemedicine visit with your healthcare provider for a time that is convenient. Prior to your visit, a link will be sent to your email or text message. Visit the link for an interactive video chat with your provider at the convenience of your home or the location of your choice. If a prescription is needed, your health care provider can send it to the pharmacy of your choice.  This is a great alternative to a quick office visit or medical advice. 


What are your prices for uninsured patients?

$250 as a new patient

$150 for a 20-minute visit after that

Basic lab work can be completed for less than $50. 


Pap smear $65

Contact 828-239-9400 for any additional questions.

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